So Many Benefits!

Here’s a rundown of the powerful benefits of PawCards:

Pride of Ownership

A great way to show off how proud you are of your furry best friend’s good looks and wonderful hobbies! Just stop for a moment and imagine a custom card with a fantastic photograph of your dog on it, along with your dog’s favorite things to do in life like swimming, socializing, playing, loving you or whatever it is that makes your K9 special!

Powerful Dating Tool

Your dating life is about to change! Imagine the following scenario:

You’re walking down the sidewalk when you come across a very attractive individual walking their dog. Your dog stops to check out their dog. As the dogs do their sniff-sniff thing, you introduce your dog’s name just like you’ve probably done 100 times in the past.

But this time, as you introduce your dog, you hand out a card with the introduction.

Chances are a conversation will begin. This is exactly what you want. Friendly conversation while the dogs get to know each other allows you to build that small ounce of rapport needed to take the next step.

As you end the conversation you can say something like, “It looks like the dogs like each other, why don’t we get together sometime and let them play” or “maybe we can get the dogs together and go on a walk sometime. My email is on the card. Email me.

Better yet, write down their email information on an additional card so you can make the contact yourself.

Say something like, “Let me write down your email just in case you lose ours. (Your dog’s name) would be disappointed if he didn’t get to see (prospect’s dog’s name) again.” This little act also works to strengthen the bond between the four of you.

See how powerful these cards can be for you?

Making New Friends

It’s a proven fact that dog owners like to hang out together. Why? Because dog owners love to talk about their dogs just like parents like to talk about their children. PetCards are a tool you can use to enhance the opportunity of meeting new friends and building relationships. Simply hand the cards out to those you’re interested in building friendships with and let the cards do the work. Once you’ve tried these cards, you’ll never want to be without them again. Order today and start making friends.

Conversation Tool

PawCards are great for starting a conversation. All you have to do is hand the cards out and wait for the questions to begin. Heck, your dog doesn’t even need to be present to hand cards out. You’ll be surprised at how many questions people have about the cards and your dog. Hand them out at parties, grocery store, work, dog park, on vacation, church, school and let the conversations begin!

Receive Endless Smiles

Some people enjoy PawCards simply for the number of smiles they’ll receive upon handing the card out. You’ll see hundreds of faces with smiles and amazement as people respond to the fact that your dog has a card. Order your doggy a card today and enjoy the plentiful reactions you’ll receive as you proudly hand the cards out! Just to see people’s reactions is priceless. Order now and see faces of amazement!

Trading Cards

Just like sports cards, PawCards are fun to exchange with other PawCard holders. It’s fun to pin-up your collection of cards on the bulletin board, at work, or tape them on your refrigerator. Order today and start trading.

Be the Coolest Dog Owner Around!

You’ll be the coolest dog owner in the neighborhood when you hand out your cards to those who stop to admire Rover.