Benny Inspired Us!

The original PawCard was started as a fun way to show off the special bond we had with our Golden Retriever Ben to others in our day-to-day life.

Ben taught us not to take life so seriously and to be grateful for the simpler things in life. Heck, things like going for a car ride, playing ball, doing a trick – all of which made Ben’s tail wag in a big way.

Ben also raced to the front door and greeted us with a panting tongue, swishing tail and wiggling hips only after being away for a short hour.

The bottom line is Ben loved us unconditionally and he meant the world to our family. His PawCard was our way of sharing and celebrating his great smile and personality, as well as the love we had for him with others.

What we didn’t realize is the overwhelming positive response we would receive as we handed the cards to his admirer’s. We received countless smiles, this is cool, great idea, and most of all, where can I get one for my dog?

With such a positive response, it was only natural to turn Ben’s PawCard success into a business so others could enjoy the same great benefits we had received.

To this day, the PawCards concept has turned into one of the most unique and fun products available anywhere in the world for dog owners.

When you order your PawCard please understand that our goal is not to just sell you a PawCard, but more important, we want to sell you an experience that shows off that special relationship you have with your furry best friend. If we make you and others smile, than we’ve done our job!

We would love to hear about your experiences as you hand out your best friends PawCard! Drop us a line.

Best barks!